So here we are
At the edge of the visible
There's more beyond
But such colors are not for us
We have limits
But there's a lot inside our lines
Much to play with
So many hues to see and use
Like my favorite
So bold it keeps my smile lit
Vivid violet

Such a vast sky
With clouds and birds soaring so high
And deep ocean
So alive with constant motion
Above, below
Such color wherever we go
Another hue
Won't do
So here's to you

One tiny seed
Grows up
Grows left and right
Grows down
Grows all around
Grows tall
Grows far and wide
Grows new seeds for the countryside
Grows a long time
Grows wise
Grows and then dies
Green tree

A central force second to none
Beautiful sun
The brightest of all flying high
Master of sky
A toasty life-giving notion
Long explosion
An energy lending fellow
Glowing yellow

The passionate rage of nature
All consuming
It evolves into heat and light
A burning roar
Captured and bent
A gateway to technology
Tempting danger
Bright orange fire

A kiss
With tender lips
A sweet exchange where much is said
Those silent words
Hue of

I built something
Now I stand on the precipice
Before release
Such a terrifying prospect
Will it take flight?
Or even worse...
Will those I built it for not care?
What once was mine
I will now share with everyone
Much can go wrong
But hard work and luck may unite
So now it's time
Time for my collection of fears
To be toppled
By hopeful possibility
Time to find out
What provocative thing comes next
Time at long last
To ship

It's all been said
For what hasn't

So many splendid ideas
Are held captive
By those who fear to set them free

Self-imposed rules
Promises with so much promise
Yet so fragile
They bend and break effortlessly
But why is that?
Do we simply lack discipline?
Or do these keys
Not fit the locks we think they did?

What is the world
If not a huge ball of chaos
With a veneer
Of order and calm and peace and
Where is our strength
In the facade or the maelstrom?

Can a sunset contain such powerful beauty
That all would weep at such?
Or is there someone who would never shed a tear
No matter how sublime?

Is rain
That said "no rush"

The relentless march of time is
Not a surprise
The knowledge that we will die is
Not a surprise
The intersection of these is

When a thousand things must be done
Why does my brain
Urge me to do nothing at all?
Maybe it fears
The colossal weight of so much
Will crush me flat
Perhaps if I remind it that
Each task alone
Is of a manageable weight
I'd be able
To lift

One who disdains
The pains and perils of progress
Is left behind

If the error message is not
Clear and helpful
Where then
Is the true fault?

Sometimes when you create something
Like a poem
You think, "Nope, not publishing that!"
And then you frown
For you have to publish something
Perhaps this one?

A gracious host
Sets their Bluetooth speaker to pair
With anyone
But if they fail to turn it off
Sudden music
Is a surprising wake up call

Brilliant and bright
Born in the dense core of our star
It took tens of thousands of years of random bouncing to escape
Then eight minutes of cold freedom
Until landing
To show us what there is to see

Knowledge of possibility
Means just as much
As the laws that govern nature

The best thing about being sick
Is a parent
Or friend
Or your partner
Making sure you're taken care of
That's my focus
Not debilitation and pain
But love and care
(That and lots of television)

A word
With such power
One yes equals a thousand noes
Because each yes demands payment in renouncement and sacrifice
Each yes needs time we can't replace
So be careful

Roll a large boulder up a hill
Once at the top
Pushing is no longer needed
Instead you run
Giving chase with wind rushing by
And soon the hill
Once large and intimidating
Is behind you
So like gravity not helping
Until you crest
Motivation will not appear
Until you work

What if
I hurled my tasks
Off a cliff into the ocean
And instead of all this complicated tech stuff I just made art
Oh that's right I need to pay bills
Sorry ocean
No tasks coming your way today
Let's get back to
And APIs

"No thanks"
Change is a must
"I hate doing things differently"
Change is inevitable and required for you to flourish
"But I'm so comfortable right now"
Change doesn't care
"What about–"

Every day some time is wasted
Perhaps a lot
Sometimes there's nothing you can do
But typically
How much is really up to you

How can it work
How can I discover success
Where can I go
Where is triumph hiding from me
Will I find it
Will I have the strength to go on
What if I fail
What if the work is for nothing
Why can't I win
Why can't I have all these answers
I crave answers
I would be free with these answers
I could relax
No more questions means no more toil
No more struggle
No more pressure to move forward
No more effort
No more

I went in the bedroom to wake her
But she was dreaming
Her hand twitched a little and then a lot
A few more minutes

That fragile thing
Up high
The cat sees it
And knows exactly what to do
A gentle nudge
One paw

“The soup is hot”
Some will abide those words and wait
Others will not
For them the burn is the teacher

Fifteen days into these poems
Writers block strikes
This was quite inevitable
But luckily
Reflection reveals a way out

Every day we stand on the shoulders of giants
But are they giants now?
They were as flawed and frightened as we are today
They failed and succeeded
They built upon what their predecessors gave them
We build on their genius
They provided what we need to take the next step
And they provided more
Their faults provide us with incredible wisdom
We can take better steps
Our foundation can be their triumphs or mistakes
We can choose the best path
With what they gave us we can do better than them
We are the giants now

Doubled daily
Is a very quick path to wealth

With each step forward
It seems like I take two steps back
But I'm moving
And I have a great dance partner

What should it cost?
How much value does it provide?
What is joy worth?
How can you measure happiness?

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<br>is Poetry</body>

A shower knob turned one degree
Office chair height
How a shirt feels
An extra tug on shoelaces
Display brightness
Music volume
Some relevant
Some not
But it depends
On who is reading the poem

I've stared at it
I've given it a lot of thought
I've asked for help
I've watched the YouTube videos
This fitted sheet
Will not

The big white tent
A quirky pair
One dozen nervous and happy
The signature
Uncertain technical challenge
A showstopper
Don't overwork
Patience is key
Bye frustrations
Get those layers
It has to set
Steady your hands
Sit on the floor
A pause to reflect on the rise
Style and substance
A nice irregular structure
Look at that shine
Oh no
Soggy bottom
Raw dough
Flavor comes through
It works
You pulled it off
Scrummy handshakes
Pure bliss
Considered deliberation
One is crowned star
But wait
One says goodbye
Tears of sadness and tears of joy
Weekend complete
But soon those remaining compete
So on your marks
Get set

Which of many steps is most important?
The first is the plunge
Nothing exists without a beginning
The last wraps things up
A journey in progress is not complete
And the steps between...
Some small, some large, some quite remarkable
Which step weighs the most?
Or is there a better question to ask?

A cat on the end of the bed
Aloof beauty
She knows nothing of rent and bills

What did you do today?
Who smiled?

What errand would stimulate creativity and foster joy...
Perhaps writing poems daily?
Hark, a website!

New year
So much to do
Yet I'm up late, writing poems