"No thanks"
Change is a must
"I hate doing things differently"
Change is inevitable and required for you to flourish
"But I'm so comfortable right now"
Change doesn't care
"What about–"

Every day some time is wasted
Perhaps a lot
Sometimes there's nothing you can do
But typically
How much is really up to you

How can it work
How can I discover success
Where can I go
Where is triumph hiding from me
Will I find it
Will I have the strength to go on
What if I fail
What if the work is for nothing
Why can't I win
Why can't I have all these answers
I crave answers
I would be free with these answers
I could relax
No more questions means no more toil
No more struggle
No more pressure to move forward
No more effort
No more

I went in the bedroom to wake her
But she was dreaming
Her hand twitched a little and then a lot
A few more minutes

That fragile thing
Up high
The cat sees it
And knows exactly what to do
A gentle nudge
One paw

“The soup is hot”
Some will abide those words and wait
Others will not
For them the burn is the teacher

Fifteen days into these poems
Writers block strikes
This was quite inevitable
But luckily
Reflection reveals a way out

Every day we stand on the shoulders of giants
But are they giants now?
They were as flawed and frightened as we are today
They failed and succeeded
They built upon what their predecessors gave them
We build on their genius
They provided what we need to take the next step
And they provided more
Their faults provide us with incredible wisdom
We can take better steps
Our foundation can be their triumphs or mistakes
We can choose the best path
With what they gave us we can do better than them
We are the giants now

Doubled daily
Is a very quick path to wealth

With each step forward
It seems like I take two steps back
But I'm moving
And I have a great dance partner

What should it cost?
How much value does it provide?
What is joy worth?
How can you measure happiness?

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<br>is Poetry</body>

A shower knob turned one degree
Office chair height
How a shirt feels
An extra tug on shoelaces
Display brightness
Music volume
Some relevant
Some not
But it depends
On who is reading the poem

I've stared at it
I've given it a lot of thought
I've asked for help
I've watched the YouTube videos
This fitted sheet
Will not

The big white tent
A quirky pair
One dozen nervous and happy
The signature
Uncertain technical challenge
A showstopper
Don't overwork
Patience is key
Bye frustrations
Get those layers
It has to set
Steady your hands
Sit on the floor
A pause to reflect on the rise
Style and substance
A nice irregular structure
Look at that shine
Oh no
Soggy bottom
Raw dough
Flavor comes through
It works
You pulled it off
Scrummy handshakes
Pure bliss
Considered deliberation
One is crowned star
But wait
One says goodbye
Tears of sadness and tears of joy
Weekend complete
But soon those remaining compete
So on your marks
Get set

Which of many steps is most important?
The first is the plunge
Nothing exists without a beginning
The last wraps things up
A journey in progress is not complete
And the steps between...
Some small, some large, some quite remarkable
Which step weighs the most?
Or is there a better question to ask?

A cat on the end of the bed
Aloof beauty
She knows nothing of rent and bills

What did you do today?
Who smiled?

What errand would stimulate creativity and foster joy...
Perhaps writing poems daily?
Hark, a website!

New year
So much to do
Yet I'm up late, writing poems